A Christmas Carol: The Musical

Auditions: October 1 and 2, 2018 at 6:30PM.
Run Dates: December 6-16, 2018 (Thursday through Sunday, with two shows each Saturday for 10 total number of performances.)

What better way to capture the holiday spirit than through the joy and merriment of Charles Dickens’ enduring tale of hope and redemption. Ebenezer Scrooge, with the assistance of three special ghosts, journeys through his past, present and future to find the importance of family, friendship and love. Brimming with rousing musical numbers, splendid costumes, and comedic Bah Humbugs. “A Christmas Carol” will offer you a wonderful theatrical experience sure to raise your spirits!

Earlene Rainey directs.

Books and Lyrics by Chris Blackwood
Music by Pier Chaters Robinson
From the novel by Charles Dickens
Performed by permission of International Theatre and Music, LTD.

Presented by the Navasota Theatre Alliance
Made possible through the Hotel Tax Revenue funded by the City of Navasota through The Arts Council.

Casting Call A Christmas Carol: The Musical Audition Sheet

    • Dickens – male aged 50’s to 70’s” – doubling as 1st Gentleman. Sings as a duo with Gentlemen #2, School Master, Fezziwig’s fiddler, Fred’s party guest, and Business Man 1
    • Ebenezer Scrooge – male aged late 50’s to 70’s – Solos
    • Bob Cratchit- male aged 30’s to 40’s – Solos
    • Mrs. Cratchit – female aged 30’s to 40’s – Solo
    • Cratchit children: Sings together
      • Martha – female aged 18 to early 20’s
      • Peter – male (boy) aged 8 to 12
      • Belinda – female (girl) aged 10 to 16
      • Tiny Tim – male (small boy) aged 6 to 9 – Solo
    • Fred – male aged 20’s to 40’s
    • Jacob Marley – male aged 20’s and aged 60’s to 80
      • Appears as a 20’s male and also an older version as Marley’s ghost. Can be two actors or one aged up as Ghost. Solo as the Ghost of Marley
    • Dancing Ghosts – all adult ages – beautifully costumed Males and Females No solos; Sings with Marley’s Ghost
    • Ghost of Christmas Past – male or female – has a Solo
    • Ghost of Christmas Present – male or female – has a Solo
    • Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – male or female – does not speak or sing
    • Fan – teenage girl – as Ebenezer’s sister
    • Belle – young woman aged 20’s – Solo
    • Fezziwig – cheerful male aged 50’s to 70’s – Solo
    • Mrs. Fezziwig – cheerful female aged 50’s to 70’s – Solo
    • Beth, Fred’s wife – female aged 20’s to 40’s
    • Mrs. Dilber – female aged 30’s to 60’s – Solo
    • Mrs. Filch – female aged 30’s to 60’s – Solo
    • Old Joe – male aged 40’s to 70’s – Solo
    • Business Man #2 – male aged 20’s to 70’s
    • Business Man #3 – male aged 20’s to 70’s
    • School age Child Scrooge – male (boy) aged 12 to 15
    • Young Man Scrooge – male aged 20’s – Solo
    • 2nd Gentleman – male aged 20’s to 70’s – Sings as a duo with Gentlemen #1
    • Samuel Trimble, a debtor to Scrooge. – male aged 30’s to 70’s
    • Lamp Lighter – male aged 16 to 80’s – Solo
    • Lamp Kid – male (boy) aged 12 to 16 – Solo
    • Ensemble roles: Trio Street urchins who sing as a trio, debtors, carolers, vendors, party guests
      • There are many doubling of roles opportunities
      • Almost everyone sings as a group as we double roles, but larger solos are noted, and some of the townspeople have short solos also.
    • Plus Asst Director, Stage Manager, Vocal Director, Choreographer, Technical Director, Stage Hands

    NTA encourages all interested actors to audition. Cast age ranges can vary–up or down–depending on the ages of the actors who audition and in order to make believable character pairs.

    Left Mouse Click to view the Audition Sheet: A Christmas Carol: The Musical Audition Sheet

    Note: To download the Audition Sheet, right mouse click on the link and select ‘Save As…’

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