A Tuna Christmas directed by Mark Taylor

Show Dates: December 7 through December 17

Taking place in the made up town of Tuna, Texas, A Tuna Christmas is both an homage and a satire of small town southern living during the holidays. Local radio station personalities Thurston Wheelis and Arles Struvie report on the town’s Yuletide activities. The Tuna, Texas annual Christmas Yard Display Contest has been thrown a curve by a mysterious vandal who sabotages the displays. Meanwhile, the townsfolk try to manage their own crazy holiday turmoil, including family woes, probation problems, and an ill-fated production of “A Christmas Carol.” This is wildly funny holiday entertainment for grown ups.

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A Tuna Christmas is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC, and written by Ed Howard, Joe Sears, and Jaston Williams.

Sponsored by Trinity Heads, Inc. Navasota. Make possible through the Hotel Tax Revenue funded by the City of Navasota through The Arts Council of the Brazos Valley.

Steel Magnolias By Robert Harling Directed by Earlene Rainey

Show Dates: September 15 through October 1, 2017

Six women come together in this hilarious and heartwarming story of life, love, and loss in a small Louisiana parish. All the activity takes place in a local beauty parlor. At the center of the group is Shelby, newly married and joyfully pregnant, despite the fact that her diabetes could make childbirth life-threatening. Terrified and angry at the possibility of losing her only daughter, M’Lynn looks to her four closest friends for strength and laughter as she battles her deepest fear of death in order to join Shelby in celebrating the miracle of new life.

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Presented by Dramatist Play Services. Made possible through the Hotel Tax Revenue funded by the City of Navasota through the Arts Council.

Dial M For Murder By Fredrick Knott

Show Dates: April 28 – May 14, 2017

Tony Wendice married Margot for her money and now plans to murder her for the same reason. He arranges the perfect crime. Tony blackmails a scoundrel he used to know into doing the deed for a fee, and arranges a brilliant alibi for himself. But, the murder doesn’t go as planned and the victim survives. This doesn’t baffle the husband for he sees his hireling’s death as an opportunity. What is Tony’s next move? Will his plot to frame his wife be discovered before it’s too late? The play unfolds in a scene of almost unbearable suspense. Earlene Rainey directs.

Presented by Dramatist Play Service.

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Made possible in part through the Hotel Tax Revenue funded from the City of Navasota through The Art Council. Sponsored by a leadership gift from Cissy Smith and by Gessner Heating & Air Conditioning.

Chapter Two by Neil Simon

Show Dates: February 17 – March 5, 2017

In this romantic comedy, recent widower, writer George Schneider, is encouraged by his younger brother Leo to start dating again. Which makes George increasingly uncomfortable after a series of bad matches. Then Leo introduces George to Jennie Malone. And, she’s a keeper! Still, it’s a bumpy trip on the road to Dreamland and romance for these not-so-young lovers. George and Jennie stumble on, overcoming both their hesitation on the rebound and emotional neediness. In a hilarious, farcical subplot, Leo has a fling with Faye, Jennie’s overanxious, married friend. Jane Brewer(Dracula in Dixie director) returns to direct Chapter Two.

Sponsored by Lindley-Robertson-Holt Funeral Home and by a leadership gift from Cissy Smith. Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

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Made possible in part through the Hotel Tax Revenue funded from the City of Navasota through The Arts Council.

The Mousetrap By Agatha Christie

Show Dates: December 2 – 18, 2016

A group of strangers is stranded in a boarding house during a snow storm, one of whom is a murderer. Who might be the killer?  The newlyweds? The spinster with the secrets untold? The odd architect?  The military man?  Or the odd stranger claiming to have survived his automobile accident?  Everyone is a suspect and everyone is a potential victim.  See if you can discover the truth before it’s too late to save anyone. Into their midst comes a policeman, traveling on skis. He no sooner arrives, when someone is killed. The policeman probes the background of everyone present–and rattles a lot of skeletons. Get ready for another famous Agatha Christie switch finish. Earlene Rainey directed.

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Made possible in part through the Hotel Tax Revenue funded from the City of Navasota through The Arts Council.

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The Count Will Rise Again [Dracula In Dixie] – A Comedy By Dennis Snee

Show Dates: October 6 – 23, 2016

The Navasota Theatre takes a bite out of Halloween with the comedic, live stage play The Count Will Rise Again, Dracula in Dixie. Directed by Jane Brewer, this riotous spoof of the Dracula legend is as southern as boiled peanuts. The Yankee Count Dracula from Pennsylvania has invaded, and not only is he turning people into vampires, he’s making off with the sheets, towels, and a television set. Doc Stewart believed his house guest was just a night owl with a fear of lights. Now his niece is in peril—as well as his secret recipe for low-cal mint juleps. What can stop such a doer of evil? Colonel Van Helsing knows, and so will you when you see the show. A show with not one but two rubber chickens and peanut butter as a major plot point cannot be missed. Jane Brewer directed.

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Made possible in part through the Hotel Tax Revenue funded from the City of Navasota through The Arts Council.

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Cactus Flower – A Comedy By Abe Burrows

Show Dates: April 28 –  May 15, 2016

A philandering dentist keeps his many affairs at bay by claiming to be married with children. When the ruse threatens to catch up with him, he drafts his haughty nurse to pose as his wife. She blossoms and he finds himself falling in love with the lovely cactus flower right under his very nose. When the nurse starts to show interesting aspects of her personality she becomes less an ice queen and more of a real woman. When the doctor has to choose, which will he get: the flower or the needles? This Broadway hit later became a successful film starring Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman, and Goldie Hawn. Mandy Mershon directed.

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Sponsored by Citizens State Bank.

Charley’s Aunt – A Comedy By Brandon Thomas

Show Dates: February 25 – March 13, 2016

Jack Chesney loves Kitty Verdun and Charley Wykeham loves Miss Amy Spettigue. They invite the ladies to meet Charley’s wealthy aunt from Brazil, “where the nuts come from.” Delaying her visit to the last moment, the millionaire aunt sends the boys into cataclysmic confusion. What do they do now? The problem is solved by drafting their feckless Oxford undergrad pal into a black satin skirt, bloomers, and wig to charade as Charley’s Aunt. When the real aunt turns up, classic comic confusion ensues. Jay Thompson directed.

A Good Old Fashioned Redneck Country Christmas

Winter 2015

What if the three wise men weren’t really all that wise? What if they were just three ordinary guys, avoiding conflicts at home? In this little piece of rural America, disagreements and seasonal tension between couples cause three men go out hunting in the woods leaving their women working–and grumbling in the local diner. Goodwill and seasonal joy is in short supply and finding a Christmas miracle to bring these folks together may take some outside help. With a sprinkle of redneck humor, “A Good Old Fashioned Redneck Country Christmas” stumbles upon the greatest story ever told. Mandy Mershon directed.

Father of the Bride

Fall 2015

Life is grand for Mr. Banks until daughter Kay’s wedding plans go from a small intimate gathering into a huge, elaborate catered affair. Frayed nerves, arguments, and more combine into comedic pandemonium. Jay Thompson directed.

Witness for the Prosecution

Spring/Summer 2015

Agatha Christie’s most celebrated courtroom drama – Leonard Vole stands trial for the murder of his beneficiary, and even his wife insists he is guilty. Earlene Rainey directed.


Winter 2015

M*A*S*H stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, and joining it are two unpredictable madcaps: Hawkeye and Duke. But although they’re madcaps, they’re also two of the best chest surgeons in South Korea. In this wild, free-flowing full-length comedy, they decide to wage a campaign to get a young Korean to the United States and entered in a good school.This campaign ties together a pile-up of comic adventures. Earlene Rainey directed.

The Christmas Express

December 2014

“This is the most hopeless place in the world!” Hilda intones as she and Satch, her assistant, argue over what time it is. She dreams of faraway places and only finds tedium in running the Holly Railway Station. That is, until Leo Tannenbaum drops in out of nowhere the day before Christmas Eve. Earlene Rainey directed.


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