Chaz Pitman Returns to NTA

Chaz Pitman is delighted to return to the Navasota Theatre Alliance after an eight-year absence, having left in 2010 to continue his ‘day-job’ employment in the Seattle area. He retired in December 2016 and has come back home. Prior to his departure he was active in several Brazos Valley theatres and he’s gotten back into the local scene since his return.  While he did a few acting projects in Washington, lately he’s been seen as Mark Twain (et alia) in Theatre Company’s production of “Big River” and as (the butler called) Dawson in Stagecenter’s summer melodrama “For Her Che-ild’s Sake.”  He is currently directing Theatre Company’s musical for the Christmas season, “She Loves Me,” and will direct NTA’s season opener “Too Soon for Daisies.”  He’s also on board to direct next fall’s production of “Southern Fried Murder” for NTA.

Chaz and NTA have a long and successful history.  He proudly recalls working the sound for “Night of the Iguana” in the Sunny Furman Theatre long before there was an office or tech booth.  He and the lighting operator and director, the late Randy Wilson, were wedged into a tiny elevated platform like Apollo astronauts and orchestrated a number of special effects, including a full gale force storm complete with wind and thunder and lightning.  Since then he’s been in, worked on or directed a number of shows, usually comedies, all to great popularity and success.  Additionally he served on the board, two years of which he was president.

While he likes to reflect on his past accomplishments, he looks forward to the coming season and hopes to bring the comedy thriller “Too Soon for Daisies” to life on NTA’s unique and intimate stage.  The show centers around three senior English ladies, out for a rowboat ride, who lose their oars and end up down the coast outside a small village.  They discover an abandoned but very usable cottage and when the owner shows up, then passes away suddenly, they decide to hide his body and make it their home, instead of returning to their assisted living ‘prison.’  Tension and comedy builds when villagers, and the owner’s niece, appear and begin suspecting something’s not quite right.

Says Pitman “I love directing comedies.  The timing has to be just right, the technical aspects have to be tighter and there are always opportunities for more creativity.  Besides, I just love to laugh.  I think that that love is reflected in the shows I’ve done.”

If you’re interested, please peruse the “Too Soon for Daisies” by [CLICKING HERE],  for more information, or come to auditions on December 18 and 19 at 6:45pm at the Theatre.