We’re excited that so many new patrons have been attending our plays. Many of our new guests have asked questions like, “What should I wear?” and “What time should I arrive?” We’ve also noticed an increase of behaviors like: leaving the theatre in the middle of a performance or answering phones. 
Here is what you need to know about YOUR part in the play.

Live theatre is an art form that depends on both artists and audience. The quality of a single performance depends partly on the audience, on how the people respond and how they behave. When you are there, it depends on YOU! When you walk into a theater, you can feel that something is about to happen. It is exciting just to be in the room. The stage holds the secret of what is about to come to life, as you find your seats for a performance that is being presented just for you. Sometimes it is so thrilling you want to get goofy, laugh, and shout. But remember that when the play begins, everyone in the audience has a responsibility. You are part of the play. You are connected with the other people in the audience and the ones on stage. They can SEE you, HEAR you, and FEEL you, just as you can see, hear and feel them. If you are talking about what you did yesterday or opening a candy wrapper, you will miss something. And, it will miss you. Your laughter, your responses, your attention, your imagination, and most especially your energy, are part of the experience. In short, the play can be better because of YOU.

To help make our plays enjoyable, here are some tips.
  1. Arrive Early –  Please arrive 20 minutes early. This helps us start and end on time. The theatre is not obligated to seat anyone after the play has begun.
  2. Wear Comfortable Clothes – You could come in shorts and flip-flops if you like; however, we crank down the AC to keep the actors cool so it can get chilly. Note that the Green Room side of the stage can be chilly. We do ask that patrons seated in the front rows (A and G) should avoid wearing skirts/kilts or loose shorts … for obvious reasons.
  3. Turn OFF Cell Phone/Electronic Devices – We encourage you to check-in to social media in the Lobby before the play, and share your experience after the play has ended. Everyone in the theatre can see the glow of a cell phone, so keep it stowed. We are on Facebook and Twitter. #NTAonstage
  4. Stay Seated – Please remain seated until intermission or curtain call. Leaving is distracting and disruptive. Plus, an actor could come bursting through the door just as you are leaving. If you must leave due to illness, a restroom emergency, or a crying child, we ask that you proceed carefully and remain in the Lobby until intermission.
  5. Food & Personal Needs – Take a moment to visit the restroom when you arrive and during intermission. We ask that you enjoy your beverages and snacks before entering the stage. Only water is permitted inside the stage area.
  6. No Guest Recordings or Photography – Most shows do not allow photography or recordings of any kind. Flash photography inside the theatre is never allowed as it is a distraction to those around you and a danger to the performers. Only official theatre staff are allowed to document the performance. Take as many photos in the Lobby as you like. It’s tempting to make a video, especially if your child/friend is in the play; however, NTA (like most theatres) are contractually obligated to notify you it is illegal. See the Scenes page of your playbill for limitations.
  7. A Clear View for Everyone – Our seats are staggered so the patrons behind you can see the stage. Please consider that hats and cuddling lovers can block another person’s view.
  8. Refrain From Talking – The intimacy of our theatre makes your experience unique. When you talk or whisper, others can hear you.
  9. Try Not to Fall Asleep – We hope to offer an engaging show. Sometimes people fall asleep. Oddly, often in the front row. You should know that other guests do notice, especially if you snore, and it is distracting to the actors and fellow patrons. We ask that if your friend falls asleep, give them a nudge.
  10. Smells Cause Sneezing – Go easy with the perfume and cologne, many people are highly allergic.
  11. Keep The Secret – Plays often have story lines and secrets that bring the majesty of live theatre to life as the play unfolds. We encourage you to promote your experience, but be sure not to give away the play’s secrets or surprise ending so future patrons will enjoy it as much as you.

Thank you and enjoy the performance.

Board of Directors
Navasota Theatre Alliance

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